Dealing with Night Sweats

My night sweats and hot flashes have been continually been getting better over the past month.  I think my hormones are being nice to me and trying to balance out a bit…I hope so. 🙂  There are many factors that cause and initiate night sweats for me; my environmental, psychological and behavioral situations can transform me into a fish at night.
Here are some tips that work for my symptoms
•    Wear loose clothing made of natural fibers to bed
•    Keep the bedroom cool and well-ventilated
•    Avoid spicy foods before bed
•    Maintain a regular schedule before bed
•    Avoid excessive caffeine…very difficult for a coffee-holic 🙂
•    Exercise regularly, not before bed

I also keep a personal journal of the frequency of my night sweats and hot flashes and what I think might have caused them.  This journal gives me an idea of how the night sweats and hot flashes were triggered and how to prevent it in the future.  I noticed spicy foods and light night snacks equaled a sweaty night for me.  Since realizing this I have been able to change my diet and have seen a difference.


It’s not always about what you are doing but what you aren’t doing.  Since I began eating healthier and exercising I have also noticed a decrease in the intensity of them.  I really believe that exercising is good for the entire body, I feel such achievement after every work out.
Emotional and behavioral tendencies also can cause night sweats.  Here are a few that affect me-
•    High stress situations
•    Anxiety
•    Disturbing dreams- nobody enjoys a nightmare
I was shocked to find out 75% of menopausal women experience night sweats.  I am glad I am not alone.  Although my night sweats have been kinder to me lately, I love hearing about what other people do to control them. You never know when you need better techniques to deal with them.


Please leave a comment on how you control your night sweats and hot flashes.

Keep Cool,


Coping with an Empty Nest

Bobby has already been out of the house for nearly 2 months.  Although he was barely around the months leading up to his move, it is still tough having a child-less home.  Clara moved out years ago, but there is something that keeps bringing back feelings of sadness and loneliness.  I tell myself each day is a new day, a new challenge, and a new victory.  I try keeping a positive attitude and look forward to seeing my children.


Some days are better than others, and I take it one day at a time.  I am happy I prepared myself before “moving day” or I think it would be pretty ugly.  I met up with a few friends yesterday that also had their kids move out for college this year.  It is comforting knowing other people are feeling the same why I am.


I am no empty nest expert, but I try to make each day better than the last.  Here are a few steps that are continuing to help me cope and get through this.  Maybe they can help you or you can share them with someone who needs them.
1.    Preparing myself for the “move” was probably the most important thing I did.  I worked to accept the fact my children were moving out before the day came.  It helped me feel more at peace when it happened.  Whatever emotions that appear when going through a time like this are okay as long as you acknowledge them.  Share feelings with others or write them down in a journal.
2.    Getting healthy is one of my greatest accomplishments so far.  I never really considered myself to be unhealthy, just not that active.  When my hot flashes and menopause symptoms were acting up and getting active was a way to minimize them, I took a big step towards a positive change.  When I go on a bike ride or a walk I feel great about myself.  My body is happy and so are my emotions.
3.    Being romantic with my husband wasn’t a priority when I had two kids running around the house.  Now that it is just the two of us, there is time to spend together and remember why we fell in love in the first place.  We have been doing little surprises for each other that making each day exciting.  It is easy to remember why we fell in love after an evening just the two of us.
4.    DON’T MOPE! This was very difficult for me.  I felt so much better when I got out of the house and tried new things.  It is amazing how much more time there is to focus on yourself.  I went shopping alone, started a new fitness and healthy lifestyle, began taking a tai chi class, and have been sparking the romance with my husband.  Don’t mope; I promise it gets better faster when you get out there.
5.    Join an empty nest forum if you don’t have friends that understand what you’re going through.  I am lucky quite a few of my friends are going through the same thing I am.  I find it very beneficial for my moral to talk about missing my kids and how I am feeling.  Sometimes it is hard to tell your friends exactly how you are feeling, I found joining online forums anonymously is a great way to get everything off my chest.  Here are a few forums I like: Circle of Moms, Empty Nest Moms, and Daily Strength.
I hope that by sharing what I have done and continue to do, I might be able to help someone else get through tough times like these.  Every mother loves their children dearly, but it is important to let them fly to their next destination.  I knew becoming an empty nester would be difficult; but with knowledge and a good support system going through it can be a great learning experience.  Embrace the change and grow.
Until next time,

New Technology

Along with not being very fashion forward, I have never been tech savvy either. My kids have always made fun of my out of date cell phone and laugh when they try to Skype me and I have no idea what I’m doing…what mom of college students hasn’t been laughed at during a Skype call. 🙂 A couple days ago my phone decided to take a swim in the park river, so I had to get a new phone, and decided to get a “smart phone!” I thought it was a good time to join the tech world and try to master social media and video calling my kids.


I never really wanted a smart phone, but with the technology and society today it is hard not to have one. I hope now that I have one, I will be able to figure out social media a little better and use it to communicate with Bobby and Clara more. I already have a Facebook and Pinterest, but now with my new phone I will be able to go on it everywhere. A bunch of my old friends from high school have a group chat on Facebook that I didn’t really get to participate in because I only check my Facebook on the computer a couple times a week. But now with my brand new smart phone I will be able to talk to them all the time. …now that I’m writing about everything I can do on my phone, I think I’m realizing how excited I am! 🙂

My husband is also happy I got a smart phone! He always is up on the new technology trends and what is coming out next. Now that we have the same type of phone we can text easier and send photos quicker….at least that’s what he tells me. I’m sure he will help me figure it out.


Since I got this new phone two days ago, I have spent so much time on it, it’s ridiculous. I have been figuring out how to work all of the bells and whistles on it. Luckily for me, not only is my husband tech savvy I also went out to coffee with one of my good friends yesterday who is a cell phone guru. She is always posting pictures on Facebook from her phone and talking about how often she Facetimes her children; hopefully after her instructional coffee date some of her knowledge rubbed off on me.

After coffee and my cell phone tutorial I was feeling so much more comfortable with my phone. I even tried Facetiming Bobby at college when I got home. Although it didn’t really work, the picture was really delayed, it was so great seeing Bobby and hearing his voice. He laughed at me trying to figure out how to point the camera at myself and not the celling. It was so incredible seeing him and hearing his voice together, it was almost like I was there! I really miss him.


I feel like when I started writing this post I wasn’t thrilled about my new phone and now that I’ve actually thought about all the things I am going to be able to do on it, I am really eager to learn more! I am ready to take on my new smart phone, Facetime, and social media. Find me on Facebook and Pinterest!  Watch out techy world, Nancy is coming! 🙂

Until Next Time,


First Tai Chi Class

I just got home from my first Tai Chi class and feel wonderful!  I had been anticipating this day since I signed up at the end of August.  It wasn’t quite what I expected but it was perfect for my wants and needs.  I feel rejuvenated and satisfied with my first class.


I was nervous what to wear and if I would be “good” at it, but once I got there I had this sudden feeling of confidence; it was great.  I wore my new workout capris and tee shirt to the first class…I really like shopping for workout clothes now. And after reading Beginning T’ai Chi by Tri Thong Dang I felt like I had a basic knowledge and was ready to give it a try.  Not everything I read I implemented in this first class but I think it will be useful in my tai chi future.  (I really enjoyed it, so I hope I stick with in for a while hence “my tai chi future”)
We began the class with loosening movements to open up our joints and relax our tight muscles.  My hamstrings were sore from biking a couple days ago, so the slow flexibility moments really helped stretch them out.  We learned a sequence of postures through the hour class.  I found myself focusing on my body and the feeling each movement gave me.  It was hard for me to go at such a slow pace at first, but I got into it after a while.

I loved my first tai chi class so much, I can’t wait for next week’s.  I think the thing I was most excited about was that I didn’t have a hot flash the entire class!  I am not sure if my hormones were just being nice to me or if the slow movement and breathing help subdue the flashes?  Either way I am very happy about it!
I think I am going to suggest my husband and friends to join my class, maybe I will wait until after a few classes to make sure I really love it.  🙂   After this first class my body feels great and I feel like I cleared my mind and centered my thoughts.  It really is an exercise for the mind, body, and spirit.

Until next time,

P.S. If Bobby knew I was taking a Tai Chi class, he would laugh so hard.  He thinks I am the clumsiest person ever.  I don’t think he would even believe me if I told him.  It will have to be my little secret for a while. 😉