Movies and Make-up

This weekend my hubby and I decided to go to a movie together. So many great movies have come out recently I couldn’t wait to go. We went to The Hundred-Food Journey, it was really cute. I loved it and I think my husband did too!
The movie was about a French family who owns a restaurant and an Indian family who opens an Indian restaurant right across the street. The son of the Indian family is the chef at the new restaurant and the French restaurant’s owner takes him under her wing. It is a great story-line that kept my eyes glued on the screen.

Before we went out on Saturday, I had a girly urge to get dressed up and put on make-up for our date. I watched a few make-up tutorials and visited the old trustworthy, Pinterest for make-up ideas when you are over 50. I am not make-up savvy I usually never wear makeup, so almost all tips are new tips to me.make up over 50
I found some great ideas and that made my make-up looked great. I felt like a whole new woman. Here are a few tips I found online. I kind of sound like an expert now… not at all, but I’ll pretend I am. 🙂

• Focus on skin. Well hydrated and exfoliated skin needs less make up and is much healthier. I always make sure that I wear sunscreen to protect my skin from damaging rays and exfoliate frequently.
• Use moisturizers and primers. No moisturizer is going to get rid of all the wrinkles but using it before foundation can make fine lines and wrinkles less visible.
• Find a good lip plumper. I have never had luscious lips and with age, my lips appear even smaller. Apply lipstick a few shades darker than a natural lip color, but not too dark, and then add gloss for a DIY plump.
• Make highlighters and illuminators your best friend. When I first looked at this tip, I had no idea what highlighters and illuminators were. But after watching some tutorials I think I need to start using highlighters to “lift” my face and knock off a few years. 🙂
• Menopausal women know that dry skin is pretty usual, so it is important to use creams instead of powders. The powders sit on top of dry skin and fine lines, accentuating them. A good cream can fill them in and create a visually smoother complexion.

make up over 50Just a little “Pinterest’ing” and it is amazing how much I learned. I loved the way I looked on our date, but I don’t think I will begin wearing make-up every day. It’s the little things that make you feel good and have a wonderful date with your husband.
Until next time,


Surprise Picnic

I was feeling really spontaneous this morning. While I was having my coffee and catching up on Pinterest and saw the cutest pictures of picnics in parks; it gave me a great idea. I decided to surprise my husband at work for a picnic lunch. 🙂 We had just been talking about taking a little road trip or a romantic getaway so it was a great way to keep the romance flowing.
Picnics make me think of romantic afternoons in a beautiful park with someone special. What could be better than enjoying the fresh air, good company, and some delicious food to make my husband’s day just a little more special? I made chocolate cover strawberries, his favorite pasta salad, and delicious little sandwiches this morning. I saw this great idea to put the pasta salad in little mason jars, so cute. It made it even more romantic and special.
Salad in a Jar

I knew he didn’t have any meetings today so it was the perfect day to surprise him. When I got there he was surprised to see me. I rarely visit him at work, only when he forgets something and I need to drop it off for him.

When I told him I brought a picnic lunch for us he got the first big smile of the day. He planted a big one on me after that. 🙂

We went to the park near his work, laid out the blanket, and had a great lunch. It felt like we were kids again, sneaking out of school to go sit in the park with each other. The little romantic things we have been doing bring back all the young love feelings again. It’s almost like were newlyweds again.

Our picnic lunch ended up being so special. The little surprises we have started doing for each other is what keeps our relationship growing and the love flowing. After my little surprise for him, he said he had one up his sleeve…oh I can’t wait. Being new empty nesters has brought a new aspect of romance and love to our relationship. And I love it!

Until Next Time,

Smarter Scams, New Victims Every Day

Fran Moreland Johns

frowny face

My “grandson” and I talked for a full several minutes before I determined he was no one I knew. Despite a few clues – my grandchildren don’t call me “Grandma,” his voice could have been the 21-year-old I hadn’t seen in nearly a year, but it wasn’t perfect – I found the caller convincing enough to trade three or four questions and answers before I hung up the phone.

“Grandson” never got around to the pitch. I want to believe I would never have fallen for a story that would separate me from several thousand dollars, but I surely could have. Today’s scammers – especially those preying on seniors or the socially isolated – are incredibly skilled.

One very smart senior in the San Francisco Bay Area was recently taken in by a call from a fake grandson – and had the courage to tell the story to the local…

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Ready for the Next Step

It has been another great week of healthy food choices and physical activity. I am very proud of myself for the dedication I have put into the past two weeks. My husband has been very motivating and supportive of everything I am trying to do. I’m still having hot flashes but they are not nearly as bad as before. I really think my little lifestyle changes are beginning to work.

I am still going on bike rides a couple times a week, taking the stairs as much as I can, and doing workouts in my living room. On Thursday while I was biking through a park near my house, I rode past a group of people doing, what I think was T’ai Chi. It looked really calming and something that a beginner would be able to do. When I got home I started researching some information about T’ai Chi. It seemed very interesting, so I found a book online and decided to go out and get it.

From the first few pages I read of Beginning T’ai Chi by Tri Thong Dang, I realized I had no idea what T’ai Chi is or what it’s about. T’ai Chi is a holistic method of self-healing; exactly what I wanted in a fitness class. It focuses on the form of moving meditation and a philosophical way of life. T’ai Chi not only offers a physical benefit from practicing, it also has psychological and spiritual benefits. I had no idea that T’ai Chi had so many rewards. Tri Thong Dange illustrated T’ai Chi in a way even beginners can understand.

tai chi book

After reading a bit of Tri Thong Dang’s book, I felt that T’ai Chi would be a great beginning group fitness class. Not only would it benefit me physically, it would help me center my thoughts and feelings, a perfect supplement after becoming an empty nester. So, I decided to sign up for a T’ai Chi class…wooh my very first group fitness class. J The next session begins September 27th right in the park by my house. I can’t wait!

Feeling extra ambitions today, I decided I needed to go shopping to find some new workout clothes. The sweatpants and baggy tee shirt I’ve been wearing aren’t cutting it anymore. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and found some good sweat wicking capris and shirts. And guess what…I actually tried them on and loved them. J I can’t remember the last time I bought fitness clothes. I am taking this lifestyle change seriously, I can’t wait to see how just adding a little activity and healthy eating can change the way I feeling.

work out clothes

I’m very pleased with my accomplishments after this week. Healthy eating, physical activity, new workout clothes, and a new group fitness class to look forward too; I couldn’t have had a more productive week.

Until Next Time,


A Pinterest Addicts New Lifestyle

I have been doing so good keeping up with my exercise routine this week. I got my husband to join me three times this week to go cycling, I’ve been making a point to take the stairs more often, and I did a living room workout twice this week. I may be speaking too soon, but I am feeling healthy and active. There is just something about being active that changes your mindset and makes you have a great day.

I have been trying to eat healthy, but it is just so hard. I am used to making quick meals for the kids that were easy and not necessarily that healthy. I want to commit this upcoming week to eating healthy AND keeping up with my activity schedule.
I am aware of what makes food taste good and how to use fresh ingredients, I struggle in portion control. I need to be conscious of how much I’m eating and pacing my consumption. I read that putting the food in a different room while you are eating, makes you think about how much you’re eating and prevents you from getting seconds or even thirds. And if you do decide to get more, you have to get up and walk to get it. I think this is a great idea; I am going to try that this week and see how it works.
I feel like Pinterest is such a good place to get motivation, workout ideas, and recipes, I think it’s safe to say I’m a Pinterest addict. This morning I pinned a bunch of recipes I want to try and found some great boards on eating healthy. Better Homes and Garden has a board called healthy dinner recipes, it is so many different recipes.

pinterest-nancy-2I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and not gain any weight, but now that I am a woman of menopausal age, it is important to be aware of what kinds of food are going into my body. If I stay motivated and keep going in the direction I am now, I will be managing a healthy lifestyle in no time.

Thanks for reading!