New Year for Growth – Greetings from a happy empty nester

Happy New Year!!!  Well I guess you can finally say the holidays are over.  As sad as I am that some of my favorite holidays and seasons are done, and I excited for the upcoming months at the floral shop because of Valentine’s Day and other spring holidays.

Beginning this New Year I want to start fresh and work towards some more goals of mine.  Sitting down and contemplating what I want to accomplish this year made me examine how much I have grown in the past two years and from when the kids still lived at the house with us.  I am extremely proud of the women I have grown more into after becoming an empty nester.  I have really rediscovered the old me and made myself a healthy and active woman.

This year I want to continue to grow and become a better me.  After seeing how much I have been able to accomplish I know that the sky is the limit, and I can’t wait to reach it!  I want to share my 2018 goals and things I want to remember to do, with you so that we can work together to make 2018 the best year yet!

Here are some of my goals and things I want to remember this great year,

  1. Practice peace with everyone I meet and continue using Tai Chi as a way to stay healthy physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  2. Continue growing as a floral designer
  3. Be sure to make time at least three times a week to exercise
  4. Learn something new each day
  5. Drink more water and eat more greens
  6. Read at least 3 books that move me
  7. Explore someplace new
  8. Take time to see the beauty in every day
  9. Don’t make excuses for things I want to accomplish
  10. Laugh often and love a lot


They might not seem like huge goals like many other people make but they are perfect for what I want to do this year.  I don’t want to make huge changes in my life, just continue being a happy empty nester.  I want to keep growing as an individual and continue being a positive and happy person.

This year I am going to stay true to myself and make sure I remember everything I want to achieve.  It is a new year full of growth.

Happy 2018!



Pinterest Thanksgiving and Fall Decorations

Who doesn’t binge on Pinterest every once in a while? I had a major thanksgiving decorations and crafts binge yesterday that has spilled into today.

There are just so many good ideas that are simple and easy to create that make your house look so decorative. I love it. I get a lot of inspiration and ideas for floral and decorations from Pinterest as well.

I don’t know what I did before this awesome site. I use it to decorate, for recipes, workout tips, to get in the trendy “know,” and so much more!


I made a few DIY Thanksgiving decorations yesterday and today, there are so many things I want to make I just don’t have enough time. Here are some of the great pins I found that I made, I want to make, or has inspired my creative work at the floral shop!

What are your favorite DIY fall and Thanksgiving decorations? I love getting ideas and channeling my inner creative child! 😉

Happy crafting my friends,


Seasonal Floral Arrangement Fun

Today at the floral shop we were unexpectedly busy in a great way.  We had a ton of people walk in and call to order arrangements to be delivered and picked up later in the day.  My boss and I were scurrying around making fabulous spring and summer arrangements and bouquets.  Today at the floral shop we were unexpectedly busy in a great way.  We had a ton of people walk in and call to order arrangements to be delivered and picked up later in the day.  My boss and I were scurrying around making fabulous spring and summer arrangements and bouquets.


I love it when people call or walk in to order because it often gives us the freedom to use flowers that are in season and create a unique seasonal arrangement.  Today was no exception, I created about 7 arrangements that were all seasonal flowers and they turned out so gorgeous.

Sometimes we have clients ask us what flowers are in season to decide what they want the main focus of their arrangement to be.  Right now is my favorite part of the year for flower availability and the aurora they give off.  The flowers are bright, crisp, and have a wonderful smell…and, in my opinion, the best to work with.In case you were wondering here are the flowers that are in season during mid-June-

• Peonies

• Roses

• Tulips

• Yarrow

• Pomegranates

• Calla Lilies

• Lilies

• Viburnum

• Pincushions

• Veronica

• Chocolate Cosmos

After days like today, I am very grateful to have my couch at home to kick my feet up and relax.    It was such a busy day but I had a great time.  It amazes me how much I can learn each and every day from just working and practicing alongside my boss.


Working with flowers all day really puts you in a good mood too.

Until Next Time,


Baby Shower Flowers

This week brought, yet another fun event I was able to help create beautiful floral arrangements for. This week my boss and I made arrangements for a baby shower, a girl. After I found out we were doing a baby shower, I connected the dots and realized it was for one of my friend’s daughters. It was an exciting little surprise.

Because I know the family personally it was really easy talking with them deciding what they wanted and how I could make it happen. My boss lets me, partially take the lead, it was really exciting!

Our creations for the baby shower were fun, elegant, and girly 😍

We focused on the simplicity and beautiful aspects of having a child. We used roses, cut off the stems and put them into small glass votive candle holders. They were beautiful. In taller skinny glass vases we put a variety of long stem flowers in shades of pink and white. We also made a large piece for the head table.


Since working quite a few events now, it is clear to me that a well-designed table centerpiece has the ability to pull a whole party theme together. The freshness of floral arrangements adds an element of delicacy from nature into a static indoor setting.

Helping create these beautiful pieces and know that I am actually going to the shower tomorrow makes me reminisce about Bobby and Clara and their baby showers. It seems like it was just yesterday my husband and I got the news we were going to have our first baby girl. Just thinking about it brings a smile to my face. 😊

I love creating arrangements for events like these. The energy and level of happiness that goes into creating them is reflected in the joy it brings to our clients. I can’t wait to find out the next event I’m going to help work.

Until next time,


Fall Wedding Floral Arrangements

Tomorrow our floral shop has a beautiful fall wedding to make arrangements for. We have been diligently working and designing the bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces for the tables. Fall weddings are so beautiful with all the rich colors and textures making them so unique and warm.

I love working with fall flowers because they are typically a little more “hearty” than other seasonal flowers. I feel like I am able to manipulate them more to create the kind of arrangement that fits the client the best. Even though I have been working in the shop for a while, I am still learning and a hearty flower is more forgiving when I am trying to figure how to do something.

I was excited to find out that the bridesmaid dresses were brown and our bride wanted to have bouquets created with orange, yellow, and deep red flowers. She was not picky on what kinds of flowers so we made her a few samples a couple weeks ago and she loved them. She choose the bridesmaids and her bouquet. flower-shop-fancy-free-nancyI am in love with her bouquet, it has orange calla lilies, yellow and cream roses, and accented with twine…they are having a barn wedding so she wanted a little bit of country vibe. It is so beautiful! The boutonnieres match and have one orange calla lily and twine. We stopped at the venue today to get a feel for what we will need to set up, and it was already decorated so beautiful. It is always so much easier for us when we do not do the decorating. The bride seems very crafty and made all the decorations for the venue and even set them all up today. We met her right as they were finishing up, she is such a sweet young lady and so easy going.

I am sure she is going to have an incredible wedding tomorrow, she was glowing with excitement today. Weddings are so special, no matter how many weddings I go to as a guest or work each one has something unique and magical about it.

Until Next Time,


BUSY Valentine’s Day Flowers

Today has been one of the busiest days I have had a quite some time. The day before Valentine’s Day at a floral shop is chaos, likely for me organized chaos! We have been working diligently all day designing the preorders for Valentine’s Day. I am lucky that my boss is so kind and patient as I continue learning and growing as a florist.

I have never made so many arrangements in a day. I think this Valentine’s Day has been even busier than last year’s already. Hopefully, with all our preorders done, tomorrow will be easier and less stressed.

I have been getting really good at basic bouquets and arrangements. Many Valentine’s Day orders are simple using just one flower, typically roses, with a ribbon. We had a few extravagant bouquet orders that gave us a little more freedom for creativity but they took a little more time.

I cannot thank my boss enough for such a great opportunity this has been. I have learned so much in the past year and grown as a florist. In the beginning I would have never imagined I would be comfortable making countless arrangements for Valentine’s Day or working and creating bouquets and centerpieces for weddings. I couldn’t be happier with the path I took to get to be where I am today.

Even though I will be working all tomorrow on Valentine’s Day, I have a little plan for my husband. I have to be at the shop really early in the morning, so I am going to make breakfast for him and have it ready with a love letter. I am sure he will love it. In the evening we are going to have a romantic movie night at home. Being in the comfort of our own home will be a great way to celebrate this holiday of love.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day tomorrow!


Until next time,


Corporate Floral Arrangements

corporate flowersI had the honor to help my boss create floral arrangements for a corporate client this past week.  Before working on this project, I never took notice to corporate flowers; but after seeing the transformation of the office, it is clear that flowers and greenery keep work environments lively.

At first I was having trouble creating “corporate looking” pieces that fit our clients business.  My boss really helped me out and pointed me in the right direction.  I learned it is important to focus on flowers with a gentle sent not a potent one to keep it from over powering an area.  Flowers help set the mood in a room, keeping the floral message in the office appropriate is a pivotal aspect of a florist.

When I was making the floral arrangements for the reception areas I had to keep in mind that they will be see by everyone and be entertaining employees and clients.  Keeping my audience in mind is something I learned to be very valuate when designing.

coporate floral arrangements

Now that I understand how to create visually appealing professional pieces, I think that an effective arrangement can really add to the tone of the office and create a welcoming and positive environment.

Nothing creates a positive impression like fresh flower arrangements in a corporate environment.  After talking to the client and my boss, I think that the flowers are an extension of the business and the branding.  Subconsciously, when I walk into an office if there are fresh flowers I immediately feel at ease. corporate-flower-arrangements

I enjoyed taking my floral arrangements down a different path.  I liked creating corporate pieces but I think I like weddings and other events better!

Until next time,


Easter Event Decorations

With Easter tomorrow, I offered to work at the floral shop this morning to help set up and finish decorating for a children’s Easter party. It is fun to not only make floral arrangements but to go beyond and actually make decorations to go along with a theme.
Post 37-NancyBell  (1) We made a few different types of decorations. It was fun using different techniques to create new designs. We actually made a few live floral arrangements, they were beautiful. We planted a variety of colored tulips into chalkboard pots and drew small Easter Doodles on them. The best part is about live floral arrangements is they can plant them outside after the event to have flowers for the spring.
We also made tulip filled Easter egg baskets. It is really simple, we just found a bunch of old baskets filled the bottom with floral foam and inserting many different colors of tulips. They turned out to be very cute center pieces at the tables.

One of my favorite decorations we made was an Easter egg tree. It was also really easy to make, here are the directions if you want a cute accent for your home.

Easter Egg Tree
• Pot or bucket
• Floral Foam
• Branches, either pussy willow, magnolia, cherry blossom, etc.
• Ribbon
• Large-eyed needle
• Blown and decorated eggs, or any sort of artificial decorated eggs
To make-
• Fill the pot or metal bucket with the floral foam. Insert the branches into the foam.
• Loop the ribbon through the eggs and hang on the branches.
It is super easy and looks so beautiful!

Post 37-NancyBell  (3)

Another easy Easter decoration we made were Peep Vases
• Square or rectangular glass vase
• Glass stones
• Two packages of peeps
• Floral Foam
• Fresh cut flowers of your choice
To make-
• Fill the bottom of the vase with 1 ½ inch with the glass stones. Line the peeps around the sides of the vase and place the floral foam in the center of the peeps.
• Insert the fresh flowers into the floral foam

Post 37-NancyBell  (2)

This time of year is so beautiful with all the bring colors and flowers everywhere. It was really fun making seasonal arrangements with a decorative twist. I really enjoy working events where I can go with the theme to create an array of arrangements and decorations.

Happy Easter!


Wedding Decorations

This past weekend I had the opportunity to make floral arrangements and help decorate for one of the most precious wedding I have ever seen.  The couple was so sweet and had an incredibly special day.  I learned so much and had a blast making arrangements, bouquets, and boutonnière’s.

The couple had themed their wedding with lots of bright spring colors and lively plants.  They also choose to a unique flare to add to their flowers with feather accents and old costume broaches for added for sparkle.  I don’t know where she got all her ideas but they were absolutely incredible.

wedding-flowers-ringThe bride’s bouquet was unlike anything I have ever seen.  It was so much fun assisting my boss create it for her.  She used pink peonies and added white feathers and a broach to it.  It was the most unique and beautiful bouquet I have ever seen.  Her husband’s boutonnière was also accented with a white feather.  The subtitle beauty of the feather and broach added so much elegance and glamour.

Post 35-NancyBell (3)I created what I believe is my best work yet.  I worked on two of the center pieces, one of them was pink and the other one was yellow.  The bride gave me direction of what she wanted but gave me the freedom of creativity.  She wanted each centerpiece to be special and unique.  I absolutely love my two centerpieces and so did she.  I actually surprised myself with how great they turned out.  It was fun making such a bright loud arrangement.  It wasn’t hard to smile the entire time creating it because the bright flowers radiated happiness; good pick on the bride and grooms part. 🙂

I really enjoy working alongside my boss at this wedding.  She continues to teach me so much every time we begin a project.  She was very pleased with my work at the wedding and invited me to do a few events with her in the upcoming months.  Of course I said yes, after this wedding I think I prefer events over daily arrangements.  I enjoy working with someone to create their floral dreams a reality.  There was something about making wedding arrangements that brings romantic emotions.  I left feeling like it was my wedding night again.

Post 35-NancyBell (2)It has only been a few months since I began creating floral arrangements but I have grown so much as a floral designer.  I hope to continue learning and getting better.  I really think I found my passion.

Until next time,



As you can tell by the title of this post, I GOT THE JOB! AND I STARTED ALREADY!  The caps depict my excitement!  I got a phone call on Tuesday from the position I applied for.  They wanted me to come in for an interview on Wednesday.  I was really nervous about it, I had night sweats nonstop before my interview.  When I woke up I was oddly alert and awake, I think it was the nerves and my endorphins going crazy.


When I walked into the flower shop I was at ease.  The flowers everywhere and the beautiful smell made me feel so much more comfortable.  The interview went so great.  I was out of interview practice for quite a few years…  it had to of gone well because I ended up getting the job.  The owner offered me it on the spot! I was speechless.  I accepted and actually stayed there a few hours learning about the shop, their store layout, and a little training.
My boss is so nice.  She was so helpful in showing me where things were and giving advice right away.  I think it is going to be a great “work-ship.”  I started on Friday in the store and worked an event yesterday with her to get the feel for what venue working involves.


I was excited I got to design a few arrangements for the party and a few for private clients in store.  Even though I have only worked two days at the flower shop, I can tell this is going to be such a good experience full of learning.  The classroom is completely different than in the store.  The store has such a huge selection of flowers and makes each arrangement specific to what the client wants.  I love it!
I really like that there are guidelines to each arrangement but the creativity and design ideas are endless.  I am so happy the way this is going! I can’t believe it is only February 1st and I am already having a great year!  The whole family is healthy, Bobby and Clara are growing into such wonderful adults, my husband and I were able to travel to New York, I am loving my life, and I just began a job that I am passionate about!  Life is good!
Until next time,