Bobby has always been adventurous and wanted to try new things. This past week he has been talking about how he wants to study abroad for a semester in Europe. As you can imagine, the thought of Bobby living in a different country for a couple months pulled at my heart strings. I want the best for him, but isn’t moving away to college enough; not moving to an entirely different country.

His freshman year he did not declare a major, but now after his first year completed and now about to begin his second year, he is thinking he wants to major in international business or studies; which would be a good fit if he does study abroad. As much as I didn’t want him to move out of the house for college, I am happy with who he has become. He has grown so much and I have as well.

travel-164574_1280I know Bobby would thrive in a new country and environment; he has always love meeting new people and leaning about different cultures. I have seen him mature so much in the past year it is incredible. I know that studying abroad in college requires a lot a maturity and I am sure he has it. He would be living in a country where he is unfamiliar with the surroundings, most likely not fluent in the language, and have to be responsible to go to class with all the opportunities around him. I feel like he would be able to learn to manage his time, and with his maturity, excel in a new way.

I found this website called College Parents of America with some good information and questions to ask as a parent of a child that wants to study abroad. I personally felt assured reading about the reasons why a wonderful young man like Bobby would want to leave his loving mother to live in a different country. Here is what they said-
• Study abroad allows students to experience a new culture.
• Study abroad gives students a new perspective on the world, and on their own culture.
• Study abroad experiences provide new challenges for students to overcome.
• Studying abroad increases student’s sense of independence.
• Study abroad allows some students to extend their curriculum by taking things not offered by their own institution.
• Study abroad looks good on a resume.
• Study abroad may fulfill particular personal goals of the student.
• Studying abroad is an adventure.

I am trying to convince myself that this study abroad thing will be the best for him in the long run. I know it will be hard for my husband and me, but I want the best for my children. And who knows, maybe we could go visit him if he decides this is something he would like to do.

Have you had a child study abroad? I would love to know how you managed to be childless for so long and how you coped.

Any pointers about the study abroad process for parents would be greatly appreciated.


Until next time,