Happy Father’s Day

happy-fathers-dayHappy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s out there! I think it is important to celebrate our mothers and fathers everyday but especially on these days. Bobby and Clara got their father the greatest gift imaginable last year, so I had no idea how they would be able to top that. I don’t know how they did it, but they came up with a great idea that their father absolutely loved.

Last year we got him a brand new infrared grill and a cookbook and he was the most surprised I have ever seen him. Bobby and Clara are so cleaver and good at surprising both of us. This year I helped them brain storm a little but let them take the reins. We decided since we went with such a huge gift last year, we are going to keep the gift thoughtful and more realistic.

To go along with last year’s gift, Bobby and Clara wanted to get him some new grill tools. I thought it was such a good idea. They found a good deal on a grilling set and got him some “man” spices and sauces that he can use.

This morning we made him breakfast in bed and brought the paper up to him. Bobby and Clara always laugh at the little things that make their father so happy. It is just a reminder to them that it is the little things that really matter.

Because it is Father’s Day and we usually always cook for him, he told us last week that he wants to grill a big juicy steak his way. He is so funny sometimes. I am sure he will love his gift and the spices and sauces and will use them for dinner. Obviously we weren’t opposed to that, it makes it easier for us.

It is going to be a great rest of the afternoon spending Father’s Day relaxing and then having my husband grill dinner 😀
Happy Father’s Day!


Arts and Craft Show with the girls

arts-and-crafts-show-2Today I went to my first craft show in many, many years! It was a fun girl’s day scooping out all the cute new crafts for the summer and Fourth of July. We all met up at my house this morning, had our cup of coffee for all the energy we needed to take on the crazy ladies at the craft show. 🙂
Half the fun at craft shows is laughing at all the funny and interesting crafts for sale. All of us spent a good chunk of the afternoon laughing so hard we were crying. Some of the things people come up with…I have no words to describe…haha I forgot how much fun craft shows are especially if you are with your girlfriends.

A few of my friends bought a couple little crafts but I only bought a beautiful cold porcelain mermaid.

I use craft shows to get ideas how to make my own. Although I am not really a creative or crafty person, I have been getting more ambitions when it comes to crafts and décor.


Thanks to my work at the floral shop I have been channeling my inner crafter. I got some really cute ideas for the Fourth of July parties we are working and some cute summer decorations I can make for my home. I can’t wait to start making them.

When we finally finished roaming around the arts and craft show isles we made our way to a nice little restaurant nearby. My friends are the best, they are crazy. You would have thought that we were a bunch of teenage girls giggling and chatting away at the restaurant. Having such a great group of friends keeps me smiling and feeling young!

Today was such a fun day, but I am exhausted! We did so much walking around and laughing I feel like I just got done with a tough work out. Between dancing at the wedding last weekend and walking all around the craft show this weekend, I have been finding really fun ways to exercise and have a great time! 🙂


Until Next Time,