A Very Proud Parent

The day I have been dreading has come, and we have gone.  We just got back from moving Bobby into his new dorm room at school.  It was an emotional rollercoaster unpacking all his clothes and dorm supplies.  I managed to sneak a family photo on his desk…he will thank me for that later.  I tried to keep it together while we were unpacking his room, but saying goodbye one last time by the car brought a river of tears to my eyes.  I had been preparing myself for that moment, so finally those tears were not just tears sadness but tears of a very proud parent.

Moving our youngest child out of the house to college is a huge milestone, not only for Bobby but for us as parents too.  We have two grown children that have had the courage to move out, continue their education, and begin growing into successful young adults.  Even though I’m sad to see them go, I couldn’t be prouder of their accomplishments and who’ve they become.

It is comforting knowing that I can talk to Bobby and Clara whenever I want.  I can call or text them whenever; trying not to annoy them too much. 🙂

mama hen never empty nest syndrome

We are able to talk everyday… or realistically, as much as they want to talk to their marvelous mom.  I am so anxious to hear about all the exciting things they are doing.  The power of technology is great, now I just need to figure out my phone so I actually know what I’m doing.

Knowing I will see Bobby soon makes me so excited and helps making this transition easier.  He has so much time off from school; much more than what I remember having.  From fall break, Thanksgiving break to winter break, I know he will come home for some great food and we will be able to spend time together.  Clara will also be home during the same breaks too; I can’t wait to have a full house again.

Well I guess it really is official, we are empty nesters now.  We have two grown children making a life for themselves in this world.  Even though this has been a very trying couple of months for me, the amount of pride and happiness I have is unexplainable.  I believe that as parents of two wonderful children, it is our duty to support and help them in any way as they begin a new chapter in their lives and grow into adults.  Even though I had been dreading this day, I am happy and excited for what is to come and can’t wait to get that first call from Bobby 🙂

Until that phone call,