A new family member?

The past couple weeks my husband and I have been discussing about adding another member to our family; a dog.  I have wanted a dog for years but being so busy with the kids’ activities made it difficult to commit because of all the care needed.  But now that both Clara and Bobby are moved out, I am at home for half the day, and I feel like a walking partner, now is be the best time to adopt.

I researched online if we are ready for a dog and about what kinds would be good for our lifestyles and what we are looking for.  I found this quiz on Dogtime.com to see if we are ready for a dog.  The results said we are!  No surprise here!

I made a list of pros to get a dog: I am home often, am relatively active, we have a decent sized yard; and Cons: we have a nice house that I don’t want chewed up and I don’t want to have to clean up accidents every day.  Obviously the pros outweighed the cons.  A dog would keep me company when my husband goes away for work and during the day.

The research said that getting an adult dog is often easier to train and can adapt to the new environment better.  And most importantly is less likely to crew up the house.  It was clear we needed to get an older calm dog than needed some love.

After countless discussions I got my husband to agree with me and we visited our local shelter yesterday to see if there were any dogs were a good fit for us.

fancy-free-nancy-bell-new-dogMy heart melted when we walked through the door.  There were so many cute dogs that needed a home.  We got to play with them and even take a couple for a walk.  After just a short hour there, it was clear that Buddy was our third child.  He was so cute, calm, but loving, and immediately loved us.

To top it off he has had obedience training, is potty trained, had his vaccinations, and was up to day with other shots.  There was no way we could leave without him…so we did what any other dog lover would do, we filled out the paperwork to ADOPT HIM!  I felt like a little kid on Christmas! The shelter said it would take 1-3 days to get the paperwork processed and we would be able to pick him up!

I am one of the happiest women in the world right now!  We called Clara and Bobby right after leaving the shelter and they were just as excited as we were.  Bobby is even going to try coming home next weekend to meet Buddy!

We found a dog that is the perfect fit for our family and for where we are in our lives.  Adopting a dog is a big commitment and we know that Buddy is going to affect our life in many ways but we couldn’t be happier for the newest member of our family!

What pet do you have? 🙂


Solo Beach Day

My husband left yesterday for a business trip to Arizona for three days; so what’s a better way than to start my solo weekend at the beach.  Although I will miss his company I am excited to have some time for just me. I have been working quite a bit lately; although I love every second of it, I feel like I need to give myself a little break and relax. This couldn’t have come at a better time.

This morning I slept in and took my time drinking my coffee and reading the paper. It was so nice not having any commitments or places I needed to be. I actually read the whole paper AND did the crossword puzzle.

Post 38-NancyBell (1)
When I got to the beach I found a quiet corner all to myself. I laid my blanket down and just sat and listened to the waves. I found myself slip into a meditative state, since Tai-Chi I find it much easier to find peace and really let go. My breaths matched the waves crashing in, calming my body and relaxing. I hadn’t felt this at peace for a while.

After I was done, I began reading a book Clara brought home for me. It was an old romance novel she thought I would like; and of course I did. It felt like I hadn’t had time to just sit and read for ages. It was good to not only lose myself in the calmness of the ocean but in the book as well.

To make the day even better, my menopausal symptoms cooperated and didn’t make me a sweaty mess. When I relax, focus on the present, and maintain a healthy lifestyle I feel so much better and feel my body taking steps in the right direction.


Sitting by the ocean listening to the wave’s crash made me forget all my worries and reflect on what makes me happy and everything I am grateful for. I think everyone needs a day to themselves every now and again.

When I allow myself to have a day to do nothing, I acknowledge the positives in my life and create a better environment for myself and my family. This is going to be a much needed relaxing weekend to myself.

“Turn off your mind, relax, and float downstream.” –John Lennon

Until Next Time,


Easter Event Decorations

With Easter tomorrow, I offered to work at the floral shop this morning to help set up and finish decorating for a children’s Easter party. It is fun to not only make floral arrangements but to go beyond and actually make decorations to go along with a theme.
Post 37-NancyBell  (1) We made a few different types of decorations. It was fun using different techniques to create new designs. We actually made a few live floral arrangements, they were beautiful. We planted a variety of colored tulips into chalkboard pots and drew small Easter Doodles on them. The best part is about live floral arrangements is they can plant them outside after the event to have flowers for the spring.
We also made tulip filled Easter egg baskets. It is really simple, we just found a bunch of old baskets filled the bottom with floral foam and inserting many different colors of tulips. They turned out to be very cute center pieces at the tables.

One of my favorite decorations we made was an Easter egg tree. It was also really easy to make, here are the directions if you want a cute accent for your home.

Easter Egg Tree
• Pot or bucket
• Floral Foam
• Branches, either pussy willow, magnolia, cherry blossom, etc.
• Ribbon
• Large-eyed needle
• Blown and decorated eggs, or any sort of artificial decorated eggs
To make-
• Fill the pot or metal bucket with the floral foam. Insert the branches into the foam.
• Loop the ribbon through the eggs and hang on the branches.
It is super easy and looks so beautiful!

Post 37-NancyBell  (3)

Another easy Easter decoration we made were Peep Vases
• Square or rectangular glass vase
• Glass stones
• Two packages of peeps
• Floral Foam
• Fresh cut flowers of your choice
To make-
• Fill the bottom of the vase with 1 ½ inch with the glass stones. Line the peeps around the sides of the vase and place the floral foam in the center of the peeps.
• Insert the fresh flowers into the floral foam

Post 37-NancyBell  (2)

This time of year is so beautiful with all the bring colors and flowers everywhere. It was really fun making seasonal arrangements with a decorative twist. I really enjoy working events where I can go with the theme to create an array of arrangements and decorations.

Happy Easter!