Cutting the Cord

cut-the-cableAfter a few weeks of discussion, my husband and I finally decided to cut our cable cord. It has been a topic of discussion for a while. We noticed during the past year without Bobby and Clara at home, we barely ever watch TV and if we do, we are usually watching a movie or documentary on Netflix. I am excited that we are going to cut the cord tomorrow and turn another page in our book.

Since the kids moved out we have been looking for ways to save money and downsize. There is really no need to have over 500 channels when we are only watching TV maybe, 5 hours a week.
We had thought about getting rid of cable a few years ago and even bought an HD antenna, luckily for us it is still one of the best on the market and were going to be able to use it. We did some research and found out that even with only the antenna we will still have 28 digital channels. That is so many more than I expected!
We will be able to get ABC, CBS, FOX, and all the big networks. We will be able to watch the news; one of the only things we actually watch, and all of those wonderful primetime shows. I am not as concerned about what show we can and can’t watch compared to my husband. He is worried that he would be able to watch all the football and hockey games…:D Being the wonderful wife I am, I suggested for the games we won’t get, he goes to a sports bar or to a buddy’s house to watch. Needless to say, he loved that idea.
On top of our 28 digital channels, we also have Netflix; we are in love with it. It is so great, we are able to watch past TV series, the really old shows we grew up with, movies, documentaries, and what makes it even better, it is only a fraction of what cable cost us.
I am really excited to officially cut the cord, save some money, and have a little simpler life at home. I think it will also give us an excuse to be with each other a little more; not that we need an excuse. 🙂 We are so ready to cut the cable cord!

Have you gotten rid of your cable and seen the benefits? I would love to hear about your cable cutting experience; the pros and cons. Please comment below to share your insights.

Until Next Time,



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