Fourth of July!

Between grilled meals and cold beverages this weekend I am excited to kick my feet up and relax for a day.

This weekend was packed with all the Fourth of July fun you would expect.

On Friday evening we went to a friend’s home for a delightful BBQ.  It was so nice seeing friends we haven’t seen in a while.  We stayed at the BBQ much later than we expected to, we were just having so much fun.  They had a fire and we sat around telling old stories and laughing for hours.  We of course made s’mores too, no matter how old you are s’mores are always a good idea.  🙂

Saturday was quite a busy day.  My husband and I went to a Fourth of July festival near our home.  It was a beautiful day, so the grounds were packed.  There were a bunch of different food vendors and little shops set up all around the park.  We walked around had some food and bought a few things.  Unfortunately, we did not eat very healthy while we were there…it is so hard when there are so many different foods to try that look so delicious.  Besides all the food we consumed, I also found a really cute sign for my new raised garden bed! …very appropriate.


After the festival we came home and relaxed for a little bit before meeting up with a few more friends back at the festival for the annual fireworks.  They were really spectacular.  I feel like each year they get better and have a longer show; I’m not complaining.  It was like an hour long and so beautiful.


After the fireworks we were exhausted, we came home and went straight to bed.  It felt great sleeping in this morning knowing we didn’t have any plans for the day.  I finally decided to get out of bed and make some brunch.  I cant wait to lounge around all day and add my new sign to the garden!

It was a fun filled weekend with many friends, lots of delicious foods, fireworks, and relaxing!  Hope everyone else had a wonderful Fourth of July!

Until next time,



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