The Perfect Father’s Day Gift

Bobby and Clara have been working with me to figure out the perfect gift for their father and my loving husband. When they first brought up that they wanted to do something really special I was beyond excited. Just talking about Father’s Day we immediately got talking about the funny times we have had and all the crazy things he taught my kids.
Buying gifts for my husband has always been tough, he is such a modest person and always says he just wants our company. This year we really wanted to give him a gift he wouldn’t forget.
We had been brainstorming for quite a while, until I saw a cook book called, Carnivore by Michael Symons, he would love it. I told my kids and they loved the idea, but we still wanted to do something a little more.
This weekend Bobby called Clara and me, he had the idea we were searching for, to get higrillm a grill! He loves grilling and our grill has been going downhill lately, it was perfect. We found a grill online from a store near us and ordered it.

The grill came in today and I went to look at it. It is super fancy, he is going to love it. We chose to get him an Infrared grill because they are supposed to cook more evenly and last longer. The grill has 3 burners and a side burner, he is going to grill for the entire neighborhood 😛
I am so excited to give it to him. Clara and Bobby are coming home on Saturday and I think we are going to have it delivered here in the morning so he can use it and his new cookbook. This is going to be the best Father’s Day for him!
What are you gifting for Father’s Day?

fancy free nancy bell

Until next time,



  1. Isn’t it wonderful that finding the right gift creates such excitement and anticipation for the giver. Hope you all have a wonderful Father’s Day.

  2. Hello, Nancy!

    …I suppose that is Clara with You! …Very, Very Sweet Child!

    And as Your gift is according to the tastes of Your husband, am sure he would have appreciated and enjoyed it! Here’s wishing You all much Love and Happiness!


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