Corporate Floral Arrangements

corporate flowersI had the honor to help my boss create floral arrangements for a corporate client this past week.  Before working on this project, I never took notice to corporate flowers; but after seeing the transformation of the office, it is clear that flowers and greenery keep work environments lively.

At first I was having trouble creating “corporate looking” pieces that fit our clients business.  My boss really helped me out and pointed me in the right direction.  I learned it is important to focus on flowers with a gentle sent not a potent one to keep it from over powering an area.  Flowers help set the mood in a room, keeping the floral message in the office appropriate is a pivotal aspect of a florist.

When I was making the floral arrangements for the reception areas I had to keep in mind that they will be see by everyone and be entertaining employees and clients.  Keeping my audience in mind is something I learned to be very valuate when designing.

coporate floral arrangements

Now that I understand how to create visually appealing professional pieces, I think that an effective arrangement can really add to the tone of the office and create a welcoming and positive environment.

Nothing creates a positive impression like fresh flower arrangements in a corporate environment.  After talking to the client and my boss, I think that the flowers are an extension of the business and the branding.  Subconsciously, when I walk into an office if there are fresh flowers I immediately feel at ease. corporate-flower-arrangements

I enjoyed taking my floral arrangements down a different path.  I liked creating corporate pieces but I think I like weddings and other events better!

Until next time,




  1. I love seeing flowers in an office or a hotel. They fill empty space but also make you feel more relaxed. My only issue is I’m allergic to lilies which are gorgeous but make me sneeze like crazy and it’s happened in an interview :-/
    The arrangements you’ve done are lovely and seem to fit the spaces they are in really well.

    Fiona xx

  2. Hello, Nancy! Enjoyed reading this piece. Though I love flowers, I do not pay them much attention. Yet, after reading Your post, understand their Sub-Conscious value! And learnt a few things as well. About not having too strong a Scent, about placing them in Central places so that Everybody can see them, etc.

    Please write on the concepts in Floral arrangements for Weddings and other occasions.

    Regards. 🙂

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