Full House for Spring Break

It feels like it has been so long since both the kids were at home; it has been almost 3 months and that is a long time for a mother.  I am so happy to have Bobby at home this week for spring break and Clara was also able to get 4 days off of work this week to come home.  I want to make the time together with both the kids home.  I planned a couple things I want to do and am sure Bobby and Clara will have things to do too; like go grocery shopping with me… 🙂

Post 36-NancyBell (3)Bobby really wanted to go on spring break with his friends but he didn’t budget his money well, no surprise for a college freshman.  So instead, I decided I am going to make his spring break and Clara’s days off a “stay-cation” at home.
I planned a few things but Bobby had a few plans of his own.  It sounds childish but Bobby totally loved the idea, we are going to help set up tents in our backyard and he invited a bunch of his friends from high school over for a cook-out and “camping” trip.  I am going grill burgers, brats, and they are going to roast s’mores.  Nothing gets better than s’mores. 🙂 I don’t know where Bobby got the idea to camp in the backyard but I think it is a great idea and I get to see his old friends too.
Hamburgers on barbeque       Post 36-NancyBell (1)

Other than camping with his friends, I am sure Bobby will be attached to his video games for a good portion of the week.  I don’t know how someone can play the same games so many times.  While Bobby is attached to his gaming system, I want to take Clara shopping so she can help me pick out some new clothes for spring and summer and so I can treat her to some new clothes too.  Clara has always loved to shop and now that I have learned to love it too, I am sure it is going to be a blast!  A mother daughter day at the mall is much needed.

I also want to go out to dinner as a family on Friday night.  We always used to go to this restaurant in the neighboring town and we haven’t been there is so long.  We are due for some delicious food.
We are lucky enough to live in a state that people come for spring break.  Our “stay-cation” is going to be a great week of relaxation and family time.

Happy Spring Break!
Until Next Time,


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  1. I go to shopping with my son during the weekend when I pick him from his gran mother. He does the same thing want to always go to a game shop.

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