Surprise Dinner

I love when my husband surprises me with little romantic gestures.  When I got home from the floral shop this evening, I walked into the house and he had dinner almost ready, candles lit, dinner table set, a single rose, and an envelope waiting for me on the table.

He really went all out, putting our Valentine’s Day dinner to shame. 🙂 He set the ambiance in the room with romantic lighting, actually put our nice tablecloth on the table, used our “fancy” silverware, and had my favorite CD playing.  He knows how to set the perfect mood.

romantic dinnerOf course he pulled out all the stops and made me my favorite sea food dinner.  (I had been wanting it so bad lately, he knew it would be a great surprise for me)  He always concocts delicious flavors from recipes by adding his own “pizazz” to make them better.  He made roasted shrimp cocktail, baked flounder with roasted tomatoes, AND angel food cake with strawberries and raspberries.  It was seriously one of the best meals I have had in a while.  I don’t know where he got this “cooking bug” from, but this was definitely better than what I expected from him. 🙂

The single rose and envelope at my seat made me feel giddy like it was our first date again.  The rose we so beautiful and in the envelope was a love letter.  He wrote how he can’t make beautiful floral arrangements like I can, but this single rose is even more beautiful than a million.  But nothing compares to my beauty.  My heart felt so much love and warmth.  It was the most thoughtful thing I have received in a while.  Even for Valentine’s Day he didn’t do anything this romantic.  I am so thankful he is in my life.

I truly believe whether you have been married for two months, 5 years, or 20 years, it is important to keep the spark alive with little surprises.  Valentine’s Day was just two weeks ago, I did not expect him to do anything like this but am so happy he did.

Little sparks of romance make me feel so important, cared for, and loved.  It is amazing when we look back at our years together and we can see how our love has continued to grow after all these years.  Needless to say, this was the perfect start to our weekend.

Until Next time,




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