Creating a Dream Board

I was recently reading a few articles about dreaming and visualizing dreams to make them a reality. I initially thought that creating a dream board sounded kind of cheesy and childish, but after reading a little more it was shocking to see the research behind making them dreams visually available and achieving them.

The meaning of a dream board is to have dreams and motivation in a visual form to inspire you to be happy and work to achieve those dreams. Even though I have accomplished so much in my life already and am very happy, I like the idea of dream boards and what they are intended to do.

I have hopes, dreams, and little quotes that make me want to live each day to the fullest. I decided to create a dream board this morning. Although I took a little different spin on it, I put things I am grateful for, things I have accomplished, and photos and quotes that make me a positive. By creating a physical inspirational board that I can look at every day, I have no excuses to be upset or unhappy.

Here are a few of the pictures and quotes I put on my dream board. 🙂


In my digital version of my dream board I have a picture of my favorite beach to go to with my husband and kids, a diploma for my children and everything they have accomplished, a quote about kids that makes me such a proud mother, a quote about loving my husband, a photo of a road trip we went on to the center of the US a few years ago, a photo of one of my favorite floral arrangements I have created so far, a quote that makes me feel very rich :), a photo from our romantic getaway to New York City, and a photo of the Eiffel Tower because I want to visit Paris one day.

I absolutely love my dream boards; I made one on the computer and one on a poster. I found a lot of inspiration and quotes on Pinterest that were perfect for this project. I hope I inspired you to make your own dream board, it is a great way to see your dreams and work to make them a reality.

Until next time, keep dreaming,




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  3. The floral arrangement that you created is so pretty – I love looking at a nice bouquet or vase full of colorful blooms. I think I would like to make something like a dream board, or at least something small that I can frame and hang over my work desk for motivation.

  4. I believe dream boards are a very powerful way to connect our minds to our goals. I used to have one years back and will probably create another one again. They work.

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