Early Christmas Shopping

I am not the most organized or timely person but for some reason I got the urge to finish my Christmas shopping this week. It was weird…I have no idea was possessed me to do it! I usually don’t do much shopping for our extended family, I usually just stick to my kids, my husband and our parents.


This year has been an incredible year for me. Even though my both of children moved out of the house and I am going through menopause, I look them as positive learning experiences. I can’t keep my children living in my house forever, and after a few months of them gone I am learning to like it. And menopause is a natural process that I have learned to take with stride. I think my newfound confidence and lifestyle made me change my ways and want to get Christmas gifts for everyone.

Before I went shopping I made a list of people I wanted to buy gifts for and an idea of what I wanted to get them. I set my budget to make sure I wouldn’t go crazy…it is so easy to spend more than you want when buying for other people…tis the season I guess!

I decided to go big and head to the mall for my little shopping spree. Walking in was so magical; the entire place was decorated with lights, big snowflakes, candy canes, Christmas decorations everywhere and Christmas music playing from the speakers in every store. I forgot what it was like to shop in the mall during the Christmas season. I have become the gift card lady to the nieces and nephews over the past couple years and haven’t ventured to the mall.


I ended up getting everyone their gifts; the first time that has happened in many years. I really want to share what I got for everyone because it is all so great, but I can’t risk my family and friends seeing this post before Christmas! 🙂

You all will just have to wait!

I am so happy I decided to go shopping in the mall for everyone’s gifts. It really got me in the Christmas spirit. It is a wonderful time of the year!

Until next time,



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