Movies and Make-up

This weekend my hubby and I decided to go to a movie together. So many great movies have come out recently I couldn’t wait to go. We went to The Hundred-Food Journey, it was really cute. I loved it and I think my husband did too!
The movie was about a French family who owns a restaurant and an Indian family who opens an Indian restaurant right across the street. The son of the Indian family is the chef at the new restaurant and the French restaurant’s owner takes him under her wing. It is a great story-line that kept my eyes glued on the screen.

Before we went out on Saturday, I had a girly urge to get dressed up and put on make-up for our date. I watched a few make-up tutorials and visited the old trustworthy, Pinterest for make-up ideas when you are over 50. I am not make-up savvy I usually never wear makeup, so almost all tips are new tips to me.make up over 50
I found some great ideas and that made my make-up looked great. I felt like a whole new woman. Here are a few tips I found online. I kind of sound like an expert now… not at all, but I’ll pretend I am. 🙂

• Focus on skin. Well hydrated and exfoliated skin needs less make up and is much healthier. I always make sure that I wear sunscreen to protect my skin from damaging rays and exfoliate frequently.
• Use moisturizers and primers. No moisturizer is going to get rid of all the wrinkles but using it before foundation can make fine lines and wrinkles less visible.
• Find a good lip plumper. I have never had luscious lips and with age, my lips appear even smaller. Apply lipstick a few shades darker than a natural lip color, but not too dark, and then add gloss for a DIY plump.
• Make highlighters and illuminators your best friend. When I first looked at this tip, I had no idea what highlighters and illuminators were. But after watching some tutorials I think I need to start using highlighters to “lift” my face and knock off a few years. 🙂
• Menopausal women know that dry skin is pretty usual, so it is important to use creams instead of powders. The powders sit on top of dry skin and fine lines, accentuating them. A good cream can fill them in and create a visually smoother complexion.

make up over 50Just a little “Pinterest’ing” and it is amazing how much I learned. I loved the way I looked on our date, but I don’t think I will begin wearing make-up every day. It’s the little things that make you feel good and have a wonderful date with your husband.
Until next time,


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