Surprise Picnic

I was feeling really spontaneous this morning. While I was having my coffee and catching up on Pinterest and saw the cutest pictures of picnics in parks; it gave me a great idea. I decided to surprise my husband at work for a picnic lunch. 🙂 We had just been talking about taking a little road trip or a romantic getaway so it was a great way to keep the romance flowing.
Picnics make me think of romantic afternoons in a beautiful park with someone special. What could be better than enjoying the fresh air, good company, and some delicious food to make my husband’s day just a little more special? I made chocolate cover strawberries, his favorite pasta salad, and delicious little sandwiches this morning. I saw this great idea to put the pasta salad in little mason jars, so cute. It made it even more romantic and special.
Salad in a Jar

I knew he didn’t have any meetings today so it was the perfect day to surprise him. When I got there he was surprised to see me. I rarely visit him at work, only when he forgets something and I need to drop it off for him.

When I told him I brought a picnic lunch for us he got the first big smile of the day. He planted a big one on me after that. 🙂

We went to the park near his work, laid out the blanket, and had a great lunch. It felt like we were kids again, sneaking out of school to go sit in the park with each other. The little romantic things we have been doing bring back all the young love feelings again. It’s almost like were newlyweds again.

Our picnic lunch ended up being so special. The little surprises we have started doing for each other is what keeps our relationship growing and the love flowing. After my little surprise for him, he said he had one up his sleeve…oh I can’t wait. Being new empty nesters has brought a new aspect of romance and love to our relationship. And I love it!

Until Next Time,


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