Ready for the Next Step

It has been another great week of healthy food choices and physical activity. I am very proud of myself for the dedication I have put into the past two weeks. My husband has been very motivating and supportive of everything I am trying to do. I’m still having hot flashes but they are not nearly as bad as before. I really think my little lifestyle changes are beginning to work.

I am still going on bike rides a couple times a week, taking the stairs as much as I can, and doing workouts in my living room. On Thursday while I was biking through a park near my house, I rode past a group of people doing, what I think was T’ai Chi. It looked really calming and something that a beginner would be able to do. When I got home I started researching some information about T’ai Chi. It seemed very interesting, so I found a book online and decided to go out and get it.

From the first few pages I read of Beginning T’ai Chi by Tri Thong Dang, I realized I had no idea what T’ai Chi is or what it’s about. T’ai Chi is a holistic method of self-healing; exactly what I wanted in a fitness class. It focuses on the form of moving meditation and a philosophical way of life. T’ai Chi not only offers a physical benefit from practicing, it also has psychological and spiritual benefits. I had no idea that T’ai Chi had so many rewards. Tri Thong Dange illustrated T’ai Chi in a way even beginners can understand.

tai chi book

After reading a bit of Tri Thong Dang’s book, I felt that T’ai Chi would be a great beginning group fitness class. Not only would it benefit me physically, it would help me center my thoughts and feelings, a perfect supplement after becoming an empty nester. So, I decided to sign up for a T’ai Chi class…wooh my very first group fitness class. J The next session begins September 27th right in the park by my house. I can’t wait!

Feeling extra ambitions today, I decided I needed to go shopping to find some new workout clothes. The sweatpants and baggy tee shirt I’ve been wearing aren’t cutting it anymore. I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and found some good sweat wicking capris and shirts. And guess what…I actually tried them on and loved them. J I can’t remember the last time I bought fitness clothes. I am taking this lifestyle change seriously, I can’t wait to see how just adding a little activity and healthy eating can change the way I feeling.

work out clothes

I’m very pleased with my accomplishments after this week. Healthy eating, physical activity, new workout clothes, and a new group fitness class to look forward too; I couldn’t have had a more productive week.

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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming Tai Chi class! My daughter took after-school Tai Chi in 3rd grade and when she came home she was so effortless with her homework. She really enjoyed it and would love to take it again. It seems like that would be a great parent/kid opportunity to practice together. Keep us posted on how the class is!
    I had to miss Jazzercise today as I have that enterovirus that has been in the news. So it goes when you work in a school! I did run the full 5K with my church ‘couch to 5K’ class this week and didn’t need to walk at all! I’d still rather Jazzercise though!

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