No more comfort food

This weekend was pretty tough without the kids. I tried coming up with ways to continue my new healthy lifestyle to help with my menopause symptoms, but I was not in the mood for healthy food or exercising. I found it extremely difficult to keep my mind from wondering to the kids and what they were doing. Needless to say I definitely indulged in some comfort food and spent way too much time on the couch; not helping my hot flash situation at all.

This weekend was filled with doughnuts, pasta, chocolate and everything in between. I am really regretting it now…and so is my waistline. It felt like I was up all last night from night sweats. It really made me reevaluate my goals and how I want to take care of my body and my symptoms. Menopause just has so many lovely symptoms. I have noticed a slow weight gain since I began my transition into menopause. I really need to keep up with my healthy lifestyle to help with the hot flashes and the weight gain. I need to get in the right mindset and really commit to creating this lifestyle change.

After my cup of coffee and a quick read through of the newspaper this morning, I felt groggy and weighed down. The aftermath from this weekend is not very pleasant. I really wanted to have a productive day. I decided to go on a walk to the grocery store down the road to pick up some HEALTHY food for dinner. I have never walked to the grocery store before, but I really enjoyed it. I ran into a few friends along the way and got to chat about Bobby’s big move and the latest news in the neighborhood.

After getting back to the house from my walk, I was beginning to feel better. I really need to keep adding exercise into my daily routine. I really enjoy cycling, so I’m going to try to convince my husband to either go for a bike ride or walk with me three times a week for 30 minutes. It will definitely be a fun way to get moving and have fun with my husband.

I just opened a Pinterest account and found a bunch of good workouts that I can do at home in my living room during the day. You can find my Pinterest account here
Hopefully I find motivation each day to keep doing it…maintaining the hot flashes should be enough. J I think I want to find a group fitness class to take. Having exercise planned with a group, will hold me accountable and make me want to better myself. Any suggestions of good classes to take are welcome. 🙂


Until Next Time,




  1. Have you read “The Wisdom of Menopause?” I am just about finished with it. It was pretty validating for me though about 20% of what she writes isn’t really my worldview.
    This weekend I planned to order a sleep tank top from Cool Jams. I don’t think I have slept through the night (night sweats) all summer, and I need to try to remedy this.
    Do you have a FitBit? I love mine. My husband has one too and we HAVE to get our 10,000 steps in every day. We share our steps each day with friends on the Fitbit app and are very competitive 😉. I hope to get one for my mom this Christmas.
    I am trying a free Jazzercise class this am! I will blog about that this weekend. I also love Zumba. Most instructors welcome someone to try a class for free. It’s impossible to feel bad after a Zumba class… Really lifts the spirit.

    • I totally understand your feelings towards night sweats and how essential it is to have clothing that understands them. I haven’t bought any specific brands, you will have to let me know how Cool Jams works for you!
      I have heard a lot about Fitbits, my daughter has been telling me about them. I am very interested in what they can do. I have just a basic pedometer that tracks my steps but I like how the fitbit can track your sleeping habits, especially with night sweats. I haven’t tried Zumba yet, but it looks like a really good time. I am pretty uncoordinated so I don’t know how I would be at it.
      Thanks again for your comment! Let me know how Cool Jams works and I will try finding “The Wisdom of Menopause!”
      Have a wonderful day!

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