I don’t Sweat, I Sparkle

Right after writing my last post about my first empty-nest to do list, I was feeling so inspired and motivated to do all these great things around the house.  That was until I started cleaning the kitchen cabinets and all of the sudden the end to all hot flashes set it; such perfect timing.  I have had hot flashes for a while but none like this one, it was like being in an inferno…and no disco inferno!

The long inferno of a hot flash felt like I was speeding up the melting of the ice caps. Then, of course it decided to throw me into an erupting volcano to top off the experience.  Mother Nature sure has a cruel sense of humor.

Having menopausal symptoms isn’t anything new to me.  It is definitely really hard to get used to, if you are even supposed get used to Mother Nature’s change.  I received the “wonderful news” that I was in transition into menopause in 2012, and let me tell you, taking it day by day is the only way you can survive.

The painful PMS, missed and heavy periods are the easiest part, just wait, the best is yet to come!  The symptoms just keep appearing.  One day I realized I was very fatigued and I hadn’t even done much that week.  I thought I was wearing myself out at work and from running around with the kids, but no, good ol’ menopause makes you even more fatigued than you already are.  Forget having energy when you get home from work.  I’m on a search to find something that will help manage these wild symptoms.

You truly know you’re going through menopause when you start going through crazy mood swings and are constantly sweaty.  I feel like there hasn’t been a day that passed where I haven’t had a hot flash or a night sweat.  Like your day isn’t busy enough, washing the sheets and your pajamas every day is going to become a new chore.

Lately I’ve seen posters and pins on Pinterest that say “I don’t sweat, I sparkle,” well I have been sparkling quite a bit lately.

I don't sweat I sparkle

After dealing with these symptoms for what seems like an eternity, I think it is time to schedule an appointment with the gynecologist.  Hopefully I can figure out some way to deal with this nonsense they call menopause.

Hope you enjoyed my menopausal rant.  Any suggestions to break this sweaty streak, DO NOT hesitate to contribute!



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